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SUPER JUNIOR will forever stay 13 for me
슈퍼 주니어는 나를 위해 영원히 머물 13
多分 suju 持つサブユニットとそれほど悪くないのすべて
i guess having a SUJU sub unit is not that bad after all
를 갖는 것 같아요 suju 하위 단위는 모두 다음에 나쁘지 않아
たった1つの条件は、 smに大きく影響を与えることを確認して
in just one condition, SM will have to make sure
단 한가지 조건은, 보급 교범은 확인을해야
彼らにして新しいメンバーを追加することはできません suju
that they will not add on new members on SUJU
이 그들이 새 회원을 suju를 추가하지 않습니다


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aiba gif


missed it on TV
demo, was able to DL-ed it
AND watch it!!! AHAHAHA
minna watched it?
ne, caps will only be their talk ne
i'm still editing their Step and Go Perf ^^,

a close up on the last pic below...
kawaii deshou!!!?? ahahaha